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Etusivu Valot Valot Briteq BTX-SUPREME
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Briteq BTX-SUPREME (B05536)



An extremely bright hybrid moving head (BEAM, SPOT, WASH) for big clubs, concert stages and rental
Euroopan Varastossa (Saatavilla 7 - 10 pv)

  • BTX-SUPREME HYBRID is an extremely bright hybrid moving head for big clubs, concert stages and rental!
  • The OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 471W SN lamp (CCT: 7500K), combined with Hi-Q optics, make it incredibly bright:
    • BEAM: 1.8° ~ 22°, max. 485000 lux @ 10m
    • SPOT: 3° ~ 42°, max. 132000 lux @ 10m
  • The different effect wheels and filters create dazzling effects:
    • Precise and fast CMY-color mixing
    • 1 color wheel with 13 carefully selected colors, including 3200K CTO-filter + white
    • 1 gobo wheel with 13 static gobos + open
    • 1 gobo wheel with 9 easily replaceable rotating/indexable glass gobos (OD: 17mm / IM: 12mm)
    • 2 Prism wheels, each with 4 rotating/indexable prisms, can be combined to create stunning effects!
    • 1 Rotating/indexable animation wheel that can be combined with different gobos
    • 1 light FROST-effect 0-100%
    • 1 heavy FROST-effect 0-100%
    • 1 Hi-CRI filter to improve the white light quality
  • Motorized ZOOM + FOCUS with calibrated DMX-values
  • Accurate Dimmer/shutter for linear dimming and variable strobe effects
  • The 3-Phase stepper motors assure very fast 540°/270° PAN/TILT movements with 8 or 16bit precision.
  • Selectable PAN range: 540° or 630°
  • Modular setup for easy servicing and cleaning.
  • Supported protocols: DMX512/RDM, Art-Net™, sACN
  • Integrated wireless DMX module (W-DMX Sweden) with internal antenna to prevent antenna breakage.
  • 2 DMX channel modes (standard: 24ch & Extended: 35ch) for maximum flexibility
  • 2.8" Color touch screen with automatic display rotation for easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Rotary encoder for easy scrolling through the intuitive setup menu
  • Factory & user defaults: easily save and recall your own preferred settings!
  • Easy firmware updates via USB memory stick to keep your machine always up-to-date
  • Remote lamp on/off control
  • Remote FULL 471W / ECO 360W lamp control to extend the lifetime, up to 2’000 hours.
  • Neutrik® 3pin & 5pin XLR & RJ45 network in/outputs for maximum flexibility in a professional environment
  • Neutrik® PowerCON TRUE1in/outputs: up to 12A can be daisy chained for easy installation
  • Equipped with 2 omega brackets for fast installation.
  • Power consumption: max. 800W

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