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Synq SC-05 WHITE

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Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)
Synq SC-05 WHITE (B08609)

Synq SC-05 WHITE


Small cube with 5" coaxial speaker - white finish
  • Type Kaiutin
Euroopan Varastossa (Saatavilla 7 - 10 pv)

  • The SC-05 is an ultra-compact, cube-shaped and very powerful "point source" speaker that is suitable for a huge number of applications.
  • It features a high-quality custom 5" coaxial speaker with ferrite magnet and 1.75" (voice coil: 0.75”) compression driver.
  • The passive 2-way crossover is fitted with only the best audio components available so that under all circumstances a perfectly flat frequency response, without phase errors, is produced.
  • The carefully tuned and resonance free bass reflex cabinet is made of 1st choice Baltic birch plywood and finished with scratch free textured Polyurea.
  • This cabinet has a 70° circular dispersion pattern, free of phase errors, which allows it to be quickly and easily adapted to a wide range of applications, without the need for extra tuning.
  • For many applications the 119dB maximum SPL and the 120-21.000Hz frequency range are more than sufficient. By adding one or more subwoofers from the SQ range it is also perfectly possible to build a very powerful but visually discreet full range sound system.
  • The rich connection and hanging possibilities make this loudspeaker very attractive for rental companies looking for maximum flexibility:
    • The 4pole Speakon in/outputs, combined with a 16ohm impedance and the ability to easily switch between the +/-1 and +/-2 Speakon connectors, makes it possible to connect a large number of SC-05 in series via one 4-wire speaker cable.
    • The SC-05 comes standard with a U-shaped suspension bracket but can also be fixed very quickly in ALU truss using standard omega brackets.
    • Thanks to its small weight of only 4kg, even mounting it on a microphone stand is perfectly possible.
  • Also for fixed installations in pubs, bars and discotheques, the SC-05 is equipped with standard "Euroblock" connectors so that a discretely connection is possible.
  • Available as standard in black or white finish.
  • Speaker power: 250Waes (recommended amplifier: 500Wrms)
  • The optional flight case can carry eight SC-05 speakers with U-hanging brackets and omega brackets.
  • In short, a workhorse for many applications!

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