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Etusivu Valot Valot Briteq BTX-LIGHTSTRIKE
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An extremely powerful and versatile hybrid LED Pixel mapping bar with 112 super bright CW leds (16 zones) and 672 RGB leds (32 zones). Art-Net / sACN control: excellent for TV-studios, concert stages, …
Euroopan Varastossa (Saatavilla 7 - 10 pv)

  • BTX-LIGHTSTRIKE is a very versatile hybrid LED Pixel mapping bar, excellent for many rental jobs, TV-studios, concert stages, discotheques and many more.
  • This hybrid LED bar consists of 2 complementary effects for maximum impact:
    • 112 extremely bright cold-white LEDs, divided into 16 zones, form a central line to create awesome and overwhelming strobe effects.
    • 672 RGB LEDs on both sides of the central white strobe line, arranged in 32 powerful LED pixel zones of 21 RGB LEDs each, provide a powerful tool for creating stunning, colorful moving images.
  • Multiple operating modes allow for flexible use in any setting imaginable:
    • Extended DMX modes with up to 113 channels where you can control each pixel individually via media servers to create the most insane images and hallucinating effects.
    • Limited-channel DMX modes (only 15CH) where the built-in effect macros ensure that incredibly creative shows can be built with relatively simple DMX controllers in very little time.
  • Besides the standard DMX with RDM support, there is also full support for Art-net and sACN allowing large sets to be built up and controlled quickly and efficiently.
  • The BTX-LIGHTSTRIKE is very compact and has a low weight which allows it to be quickly incorporated into all kinds of scenery.
  • For easy installation, 2 mounting options are included:
    • 2 Tilt mounting brackets: to which standard clamps can be added.
    • 2 Omega bracket bases: for use with included omega brackets.
  • Equipped with an inventive quick-release mechanism that allows you to quickly connect and align multiple projectors.
  • Standard equipped with 3pin XLR, RJ45 network and PowerCON compatible connector in/outputs for easy daisy chaining.
  • Very silent operation, thanks to temperature-controlled cooling fans.
  • Alphanumeric OLED-display and touch keys to select the different options in the setup menu.
  • Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve.

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