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Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB

Etusivu Valot Valot Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB
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Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)
Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB (B06211)

Briteq BT-LASER2000 RGB


A superb and powerful 2W Class-IV RGB laser for all your events! Perfect for clubs, discotheques, rental companies.
Euroopan Varastossa (Saatavilla 7 - 10 pv)

  • A superb 2Watt Class-IV RGB color laser equipped with 1 powerful, temperature controlled RGB-laser:
    • 500mW Red laser (638nm)
    • 500mW Green laser (520nm)
    • 1000mW Blue laser (450nm)
  • This single source laser guarantees perfect alignment of the beams and colors with perfect white as a result.
  • Thanks to 20kHz scanners this “BT-LASER2000 RGB" projects rock steady sharp RGB- images!
  • 100% ILDA compatible for full flexibility!
  • Supports both TTL (in DMX-mode) and ANALOG color control (in ILDA-mode).
  • The internal SD-card reader makes it possible to project your own patterns and logos. On the supplied SD-card you can create up to 100 folders with each up to 255 files.
  • The firmware can be updated via the SD-card.
  • The 6 user modes make this laser very easy to use:
    • MUSIC CONTROL: 100% plug & play, just connect the laser to the mains to start an incredible, music controlled, laser show based on the 86 internal patterns! Perfect for hiring companies!!!
    • MASTER/SLAVE mode: Several units can be used in completely synchronized music mode: amazing and very simple to use!
    • AUTOMATIC mode: all internal programs will be shown automatically, no music needed. Depending your needs you can choose a fast or soft show.
    • DMX mode: three options possible:
      • 1 channel for extremely easy setup and use!
      • 13 channels to take full control of all internal programs!
      • 17 channels to take full control over the RGB color mixing.
    • ILDA mode: connect the laser to any PC with ILDA-compatible interface and use any professional laser software to create stunning laser shows, create logos, etc.
    • SD-CARD mode: playback of preprogrammed shows, logos, patterns on the SD-card.
  • Laser projections can be adapted to the size of the venue with X/Y image zoom controls.
  • LCD-display for easy navigation in the setup menu.
  • Graphics can be mirrored for projections behind a transparent screen
  • Blanking technology for nice separate beams
  • Perfect for use in clubs, discotheques, publicity, exhibitions, and many more...
  • SAFETY FIRST! Class-IV lasers (more than 500mW output) can damage the human eye very badly so never buy such high power laser without checking if it passed the severe laser safety tests! This laser complies to the European EN 60825-1:2014 for Laser Safety! It is equipped with extra safety measures like:
    • Scanner control: if a scanner fails, output is shut down.
    • Interlock connection with mechanical shutter: press the safety switch to shut down the output.
    • Key switch: only authorized and well trained operators are allowed to use the laser.

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