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Briteq BT-CHROMA 800

Etusivu Valot Valot Briteq BT-CHROMA 800
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Briteq BT-CHROMA 800 (B05538)

Briteq BT-CHROMA 800


Powerful IP65 indoor and outdoor LED projector (40x 20W RGBL LEDs) for the entertainment and rental industry or fixed installations
Euroopan Varastossa (Saatavilla 7 - 10 pv)

  • Powerful indoor / outdoor IP65 LED projector engineered for maximum flexibility in different applications.
  • Can be used for rental jobs, entertainment industry and fixed installations.
  • 40pcs 20W RGBL-leds assure very high light output with perfect color mixing and excellent white light!
  • RGB, RGBL and HSI-color control, both 8 & 16 bit resolution.
  • Extremely multifunctional cabling options:
    • RENTAL / ENTERTAINMENT applications: standard equipped with 3pin XLR and lockable IP65-Power connector in/outputs for easy daisy chaining.
    • FIXED installations: with an optional set called “BT-CHROMA 800 - FIX install set” (POWER & DMX in/output modules with stainless-steel cable glands + 2 stainless-steel bolts for fixed TILT-positioning) the projector can very easily be transformed for permanent outdoor installation.
  • Standard equipped with 15° optics and magnetic aluminum filter frame with frost filter.
  • Different operation modes with 1, 2, 5 or 10 pixel combinations for nice special effects.
  • Full DMX-control with RDM-support: from easy 3CH to sophisticated 81CH control
  • Built-in antenna and Wireless Solution® G4 / G4S DMX-receiver (@ 2.4GHz) for easy setup and use.
  • Standalone operation with static color & white presets, color fade and over 20 multi-pixel programs.
  • Different accessories optionally available to obtain perfect results:
    • Barndoor: adjust the beam easily on stage
    • Glare shield: static beam limiter hides the LEDs and eliminates unwanted stray light
    • Different beam shapers: 60° - 60°x 10° - 10°x 60° - 40°x 1° - 1°x 40° to get the perfect beam!
    • Empty magnetic filter frame: to easily install the different beam shapers
  • Elegant, extruded aluminum housing finished with tempered glass cover.
  • Solid and multifunctional base:
    • Truss installation: easy truss mounting using 1 or 2 of our optional Briteq "OMEGA BRACKET SMALL"
    • Fixed installation: easy and secure mounting on any surface, using standard anchor bolts.
  • Optimal thermal management for long lifespan and easy maintenance
  • Very silent operation, thanks to temperature controlled waterproof cooling fans.
  • Alphanumeric OLED-display and waterproof touch keys to select different options of the setup menu.
  • Adaptable lamp behavior thanks to seamless dimmer speed control.
  • Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve
  • In case of DMX failure, you can choose between blackout, freeze mode and automatic stand-alone mode.
  • Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
  • Equipped with a special GORE® vent to prevent moisture and condensation inside the projector.
  • NOTE: this product has IP65 rating while used for outdoor installation, under normal conditions (not exposed to seawater).

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