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BalanceBox® E-Box Tilt & Table -

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BalanceBox® E-Box Tilt & Table - (487A03)

BalanceBox® E-Box Tilt & Table -


Tilt & Table mobile double-column motorized height adjustable floor stand

Tilt & Table mobile double-column motorized height adjustable floor stand

One of the things that makes work easier is working with the e·Box® Tilt & Table electrical height adjustable mount. The e·Box® Tilt & Table makes working with a touchscreen far more easy. It is an innovation which makes it possible to change the position of the touchscreen from vertical (the normal upright position) to horizontal (the table position) and any diagonal position in between. This makes the e·Box® Tilt & Table electrical mounting solution the perfect solution for all users to work on their own height in a group or as an individual.

The double-column design guarantees the stability needed to work with Interactive Touchscreens up to 75” diagonal with a 220 Lbs (100 kg) total weight capacity. The wired remote control unit (no batteries) can be placed at a convenient and easy to reach location, allowing the user to adjust the height and tilt angle of the screen safely and quietly. The motorized stand has an anti-collision feature on the height adjust motors to prevent accidental pinching: when the system is moving and senses an obstruction, it will stop and retreat.

The height adjust motor is the fastest in its class at 1.5”per second travel speed (38 mm per second) and has a soft-start and soft-stop. Vesa interfaces for dimensions 400x200 up to 600x400 are integrated in the support frame for the touch panel. On the topside of the columns there is an enclosed box where the electronic controls are safely located, this lock-box can be used to place a mini-PC, thin-client PC or NUC.
The 26” travel will guarantee full-screen access for all users, while the 90 degree tilt feature will allow multiple users to access the screen at the same time (depending on the touchpanel specifications) the product is ideal for wheelchair users.

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